Amelia "Amy Birch is the daughter and youngest child of Professor Birch and Christina Birch. Her real name is Amelia, but everybody calls her Amy. She is 9-years-old. She owns 6 cat Pokemon. She is the best friend of Sarah and May.

History Edit

Amy was born on January 23, 2006 to Professor Birch and Christina Birch as their youngest child. Amy loves Pokemon. She is a very good swimmer having taking swimming classes in preschool. Amy is very knowledgeable about Pokemon knowing every single Pokemon from every region and about their types, attacks, advantages, and disadvantages. Amy also loves animals, her favorite animal is the cat. So she owns 6 cat Pokemon.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

Meowth♂ Edit

Meowth is Amy's first known Pokemon.

Skitty♀ Edit

Skitty is Amy's second known Pokemon.

Glameow♀ Edit

Glameow is Amy's third known Pokemon.

Purrloin♀ Edit

Purrloin is Amy's fourth known Pokemon.

Espurr-Meowstic♂ Edit

Meowstic is Amy's fifth known Pokemon.

Litten♀ Edit

Litten was sent to Amy as a gift from Professor KuiKui.

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