Annie is a 10-year-old girl who appears in Gabe's Pokemon Adventures. She is the daughter of Wayne & Daniella and the older sister of Stacy & Anita. She is one of Gabrielle's childhood friends. Annie owns a Magenta PokeDex with her name on it. In the crossover with Digimon, Annie owns a Magenta/Lavender D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Lillymon.

History Edit

Annie grew up playing with Gabrielle & her friends when they were little. Her major appearance was when she met up with her friends and Cilan in Annie Returns. She only owns 4 Pokemon. She started her own journey in Evolution Problems where she is mentioned by Gabe that she sent her a email and told her that she was starting her own journey. She lives in the Kalos region, she originally lived in the Kanto region. Annie loves fox Pokemon.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit


Vulpix is Annie's first Pokemon given to her by her parents.


Jolteon is Annie's second Pokemon given to her by her parents.


Zorua was given to Annie by her uncle who lives in the Unova region as a birthday present.


Braixen is Annie's starter Pokemon given to her when she moved to the Kalos region. Like Gabe's Fennekin, Fenna, Annie's Braixen is a female.