Chika is one of Gabe's Pokemon she obtained. She is a female Meganium.

History Edit


As an Chikorita

Gabe obtained Chika as a Chikorita in Chikorita's Choice. Chikorita chose Gabe as her trainer, but was briefly stolen by Jessie from Team Rocket who wanted her for her own purposes. When Gabe was attacked by Jessie's Arbok, Chikorita protected her. Gabe used Pik to get Chikorita back and then had Pik blast off Team Rocket. Chikorita decided to join Gabe's team and Gabe nicknamed her Chika. Team Rocket tried to steal Chika a few times, but Gabe protected her. During a battle, Chika evolved into a Bayleef. In Eve's Cold, Team Rocket tried to steal Eve, Chika, Char, and Pik, but Gabe had Mud, her Marshtomp get them back and sent Team Rocket blasting off. After winning a gym battle, Chika evolved into a Meganium.

Personality Edit


As an Bayleef

Chika often acts as a ringleader of Gabe's Pokemon helping her trainer train them and lead them. She is a very helpful Pokemon. She cares for her trainer deeply.