Crystal's Rowlet is Crystal's second starter Pokemon given to her as a gift from Professor Kuikui.

History Edit

Crystal received Rowlet as a gift from Professor Kuikui to welcome them to the Alola Region. When the gang ran were deciding what to do next, Team Skull appeared and demanded that they hand over their Pokemon. The heroes refused and a young girl named Mallow came along and told Team Skull to leave the children alone and sent out her Bounsweet. Team Skull threatened to take her Bounsweet away, but Mallow had Bounsweet scare off Team Skull. Rowlet reappeared in Gabe Goes to School where she ate with the gang's other Pokemon during a picnic which Mallow invited them to to meet Lillie, Lana, Kiawe, and Sophocles. When Team Rocket attempted to steal Lillie's Vulpix and Lillipup, Lillie ended up captured herself and Crystal had Rowlet fight Team Rocket to save Lillie who was reunited with her mother and her older brother. Rowlet appeared in The Lost Togedemaru where they spotted a wild Togedemaru being harassed by Team Skull, Crystal sent Rowlet and Gabe sent Litta out to fight Team Skull to save Togedemaru. Mimi sent out her Raichu, Rainy to help. Team Skull ran away in defeat. Togedemaru ran over to Raichu and hugged him lovingly. Gabe mentioned that Togedemaru must be a girl. In Gabe's First Trial, Rowlet was one of the Pokemon that was stolen by Team Rocket along with Litta, Gabe's newly caught Togedemaru, Erika's Popplio, Katrese's Eevee, Mallow's Bounsweet, and Ray's Litten, Litty. But the Pokemon were rescued by Gabe and her friends. In The School Project, Crystal and her friends were asked to care for baby Pokemon. Crystal nursed a Alolan Sandshrew and Gabe nursed a Alolan Vulpix. Team Rocket came and trapped Sandshrew and Vulpix in a net and attempted to take off with them, but the girls rescued the Pokemon with help from Rowlet and Pik. Rowlet is set to reappear in Mallow's Decision and Rowlet Runs Away.

Personality Edit

Due to just being given to Crystal, Rowlet doesn't like to obey her trainer and fights with other Pokemon over food. Even though she refuses to listen to Crystal, she still helps her rescue Pokemon from villains.