Danny [Full name: Daniel] is a 15-year-old Pokemon trainer showcase performer. He appears only in For The Love of Sylveon. He has a Sylveon who is his main Pokemon partner. He owns a Indigo PokeDex. In the crossover with Digimon, Danny owns a Indigo/Gray D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Wormmon. Danny is an orphan having lost his parents at a young age, so he lives with his aunt and cousin.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit


Sylveon is Daniel's main Pokemon partner. She was confirmed to be female because she fell in love with Crystal's Vaporeon. She knows many moves, but she used attract on Crystal's Vaporeon.


Frogadier is Daniel's starter Pokemon. She was confirmed to be female after Daniel mentioned her gender.


Purrloin is the third Pokemon caught by Daniel.


Zorua is the fourth Pokemon caught by Daniel.


Raichu is the fifth Pokemon caught by Daniel. He was confirmed to be male after a flashback with him as a Pikachu.


Dedenne is the sixth Pokemon caught by Daniel.