Erika is a 10-year-old Pokemon trainer. She is the daughter of Lana and the younger sister of Eden. She is another one of Gabrielle's childhood friends. Erika owns a Pink PokeDex with her name engraved on it. In the crossover with Digimon, she owns a Pink/Purple D-7 Digivice and her partner Digimon is Patamon.

History Edit

Erika was born on October 31, 2005 to Lana and an unnamed father. When her father left, Lana raised her daughter and her son. Erika was taught about Pokemon by her mother. Erika loved to play games with her older brother, Eden. When she turned 10, Erika said goodbye to her mother and started her journey. Erika still talks to her mother every now and then.

Pokemon Edit

This is a list of the Pokemon that are traveling with Erika.


Blastoise is Erika's starter Pokemon.


Raichu is Erika's sixth Pokemon. Erika caught her as an Pichu.

Popplio♂ Edit

Popplio is Erika's second starter Pokemon given to her by Professor Kuikui.


Drifloon is the first Pokemon caught by Erika in Alola.

At Professor Oak's Lab Edit


Delcatty is Erika's second Pokemon. Erika caught her as an Skitty.


Dedenne is the third Pokemon caught by Erika.


Plusle is the second Pokemon caught by Erika.


Nidoking is Erika's fifth Pokemon. Erika caught him as an Nidoran.

Blitzle♀ Edit

Blitzle is the seventh Pokemon caught by Erika.

Noibat♀ Edit

Noibat is the eighth Pokemon caught by Erika.

Wrumple♀ Edit

Wrumple is Erika's ninth Pokemon. Erika is planning on evolving Wrumple into a Beautifly.

Scatterbug♀ Edit

Scatterbug is Erika's tenth Pokemon. Erika is planning on evolving Scatterbug into a Vivillion.

Personality Edit

Erika is a loving, sweet, kind, and caring friend. She can't stand it when her friends are mean to one another or when they are upset. She sometimes doesn't approve of the things Gabrielle says which can be mean sometimes and tells her off. When she makes a mistake, she is most likely to apologize.