Erika's Drifloon is the first Pokemon caught by Erika in the Alola Region.

History Edit

Drifloon and her friends were hired by Team Rocket to capture Crystal, Erika, and Katrese to hold as hostages so that Gabe will have to hand over her Charizard and Pikachu. Drifloon was brutally abused by Team Rocket especially by Jessie. When she failed to bring Katrese and when she tried to protect Erika, Jessie attempted to kill her. But Erika rescued her with the help of her Blastoise. Team Rocket was sent blasting off and the children quickly rushed Drifloon to the Pokemon Center. She barely survived, but Nurse Joy was able to save her at the last minute. When she recovered, she asked to join Erika's team which Erika accepted.

Personality Edit

Drifloon is a very friendly Pokemon. She was loyal to Jessie and wanted to impress her, but was brutally abused for it. When she saw Meowth attempting to hurt Erika, she took the blow for her and she lost her loyalty to Jessie when she attempted to kill her. But she was rescued by Erika whom she gained new trust in. She is loyal to her new trainer, Erika.