Look, it's evolving!

-Erika witnessing her Pikachu evolve

Erika's Raichu is the sixth Pokemon obtained by Erika. She first appeared as an Pichu in Pichu's Picnic.

History Edit

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As an Pichu

Raichu first appeared as an hungry Pichu who was looking for food and Erika offered her food which made her follow Erika around. Knowing that Pichu can evolve into a Pikachu, Team Rocket trapped Pichu and was planning on stealing her so they can evolve her into a Pikachu and take her to the boss for a big payment. Erika rescued the little Pichu and sent Team Rocket blasting off. In another episode, Pik and Erika's Pichu were captured by Team Rocket as Team Rocket called them a bargain for the boss, but they were rescued by their trainers. Pichu loves to show off in Pokemon showcases with her trainer. During a showcase, Pichu evolved into Pikachu. Pikachu was often used in showcases. Team Rocket made attempts to steal her many times, but Erika protected her. In A Brand-New Raichu, Erika's Pikachu evolved into Raichu while exposed to a Thunder Stone and Erika was proud.

Personality Edit

Pikachu base female by yukimemories-d8vp5vy

As an Pikachu

Raichu as an Pichu first appeared hungry and was looking for food. When Erika helped her, Pichu wanted to show her much she wanted to be her Pokemon. After Erika rescued her from Team Rocket, she accepted to take Pichu with her on her journey and caught her. Pichu like the rest of Erika's Pokemon is loyal to her trainer and tries to impress her. Erika takes good care of her and trains her. She loves showing off in Pokemon showcases. Pichu and Plusle are best friends and like to play together. When she evolved into Pikachu, she still loved showcases. Now that she is a Raichu, she is obsessed with showcases .