Gabriella is the 12-year-old daughter of Ray and Gabe. She is the granddaughter of Kathy, Gabe's unnamed father, and Lydia. She is the great-grandniece of Ruthie. She is the niece of Greg and Lila. She is the older sister of Raymond, Gabriel, and Rani. She is a Digidestined partnered to Dokunemon. She has a Pink/Red D-11 Digivice

Appearance Edit

Gabriella resembles her father and her mother, Gabe. She has brown short hair like her mother and green eyes like her father. She inherited her mother's body shape. She wears a bandanna in her hair and a pink shirt and a pink skirt.

Personality Edit

Gabriella has the same personality as her mother did when she was a child. She doesn't think before she speaks and has to be reminded to be nice by her father. But she is very sweet and caring especially towards her younger siblings.

Family Edit

Grandma Edit

Grandma is Gabriella's great grandmother. She is the mother of Kathy, Gabe's mom and the older sister of Ruthie, Gabe's aunt.

Ruthie Edit

Ruthie is Gabriella's great grand-aunt. She is the younger sister of Gabe's grandmother and her only sister.

Kathy Edit

Kathy is Gabriella's grandmother and Gabe's mother.

Gabe's Unnamed Father Edit

Gabe's Unnamed Father is Gabriella's grandfather.

Lydia Edit

Lydia is Gabriella's aunt and Ray's mother.

Greg Edit

Greg is Gabriella's uncle and Gabe's older brother.

Lila Edit

Lila is Gabriella's aunt and Ray's older sister.

Ray Edit

Ray is Gabriella's father.

Gabe Edit

Gabe is Gabriella's mother.

Raymond Edit

Raymond is Gabriella's younger brother.

Gabriel Edit

Gabriel is Gabriella's younger brother.

Rani Edit

Rani is Gabriella's baby sister.

Pokemon Edit

Popplio Edit

Popplio is Gabriella's partner Pokemon.

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