Hanna is a female Pikachu owned by Mimi. She is the love interest of Pik. She is Mimi's main Pokemon partner and is seen riding on Mimi's shoulder.

History Edit


Pik and Hanna

It is unknown if Mimi received or caught Hanna. When Gabrielle's Pikachu, Pik saw her, he fell in love with her. Hanna fell in love with Pik too. They spent the afternoon looking in each others' eyes. Suddenly a net fell on the two Pikachu and pulled them up. Mimi and Gabe raced to save their Pokemon. But Jessie told the two girls that she was going to take the two Pikachu for herself. Gabe told her she would pay for this and had Char, her Charizard help free the two Pikachu. Mimi caught Hanna and Gabrielle caught Pik. Jessie demanded that they give the Pikachu back to her right now. Gabrielle and Mimi told her no and Gabrielle had Char blast them off. Mimi promised to travel with the gang when they got to Alola as long as Gabrielle had Pik with her. The two agreed and set off on their own path for now. Hanna and Mimi along with Ray are set to travel with Gabrielle and her friends in Gabe's Alola Pokemon Adventures.

Personality Edit

Hanna is a very sweet, loving, caring, and affectionate Pikachu. She has feelings for Pik too.