Hannah's Latias is the first Pokemon obtained by Hannah.

History Edit

Me and latias by chibivampire1997-d41csah

Hannah and Latias

Hannah's mother, Marina gave Latias to her as a gift. Latias has been with Hannah ever since. Hannah's Latias made her debut in The Doctor Visits where Hannah reunites with Erika, her childhood friend. Hannah and her Pokemon including Latias were captured by Team Rocket who were planning on taking Hannah and her Pokemon to the boss. But The Doctor and Marina rescued Hannah and her Pokemon and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Latias was stolen by Team Rocket in The Latias Theft where they were planning on taking her to the boss for a big promotion. But an angry Hannah rescued Latias and sent Team Rocket blasting off.

Personality Edit

Latias has the same personality as her trainer.

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