Katrese is a 10-year-old Pokemon trainer. She is the daughter of Jackie and the third child in a family of five children. She is one of Gabrielle's childhood friends. Katrese owns a Orange PokeDex with her name engraved on it. In the upcoming crossover series with Digimon, Kat owns a Orange/Yellow D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Armadillomon.

History Edit

Katrese was born on November 25th 2005 to Jackie and an unnamed father. Like Gabrielle, Erika, and Crystal, Katrese's father left when she was a baby leaving Jackie to take care of her and her siblings. Jackie sent her daughter to Pokemon Academy to learn about being a Pokemon trainer. Katrese developed a fear of Pokemon after being scared by a Pokemon. What scared Katrese is unknown. Later after moving to the Kalos region, Jackie helped her daughter overcome her fear and had her choose Fennekin as her starter Pokemon. Ever since then Katrese has had six Pokemon in her team.

Pokemon Edit

This is a list of the Pokemon that are traveling with Katrese.

On Hand Edit


Mudkip is the first Pokemon caught by Katrese


Deerling is the fifth Pokemon caught by Katrese.


Meowstic is the seventh Pokemon caught by Katrese. She debuted as an Espurr that was seen following Katrese around wanting to join her team.

Nidoran♀ Edit

Nidoran is the ninth Pokemon caught by Katrese.


Eevee was given to Katrese from Professor Kuikui.

Yungoos♀ Edit

Yungoos is the first Pokemon caught by Katrese in Alola.

At Professor Sycamore's Lab Edit


Delphox is Katrese's starter Pokemon.


Katrese rescued Mightyena as an Poochyena from Team Rocket and Poochyena joined her team. Later during a showcase, Poochyena evolved into a Mightyena.


Bayleef is Katrese's third Pokemon. She caught her as an Chikorita.


Pikachu is the fourth Pokemon caught by Katrese.

Azurill♀ Edit

Azurill is the sixth Pokemon caught by Katrese. Katrese is planning on evolving Azurill into a Marill and then a Azumarill.

Oddish♀ Edit

Oddish is the eighth Pokemon caught by Katrese.

Personality Edit

Katrese is the only African American friend of Gabrielle. She is very kind and caring. She is calm most of the time.

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