Marie & Dana

Marie is the 17-year-old daughter of Jason and Brittany and the older sister of Julie. She is a Pokemon Showcase Performer like her younger sister. Her main partner is Dana, her Delcatty. Marie owns a Dark Purple PokeDex. In the crossover series with Digimon, Marie owns a Dark Purple/Hot Pink D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Elecmon.

Pokemon Edit

Dana♀ Edit

Dana is Marie's first known Pokemon. She is used in Marie's performances and is Marie's main Pokemon partner.

Spike♂ Edit

Spike is Marie's second known Pokemon. He is a Luxray.

Chloe♀ Edit

Chloe is Marie's third known Pokemon. She is a Purugly.

Patricia♀ Edit

Patricia is Marie's fourth known Pokemon. She is a Skuntank.