Professor Elm is the Pokemon professor of the Johto Region. He is a friend of Professor Oak, the professor of the Kanto Region and Professor Birch, the Pokemon professor of the Hoenn Region. He is the husband of Virginia who died a few years ago and the father of Bridget.

History Edit

It is unknown when Professor Elm was born. He was raised to be a Pokemon professor by his parents. He grew up and married Virginia and had a daughter named Bridget with her. Virginia died when Bridget was 6 and Professor Elm raised his daughter all by himself. He sent Bridget to Pokemon Academy, a school for gifted children that teaches them all about being a Pokemon trainer. Professor Elm also gave Bridget a Totodile and a Rattata as her two new Pokemon.

Given away to new trainers Edit

Celia's CyndaquilEdit

Celia's Cyndaquil was given to her by Professor Elm.

Bridget's Totodile♀ Edit

Bridget's Totodile was given to her by Professor Elm.

Wendi's Chikorita♀ Edit

Wendi's Chikorita was given to her by Professor Elm.

Eden's ChikoritaEdit

Eden's Chikorita was given to him by Professor Elm.

Tobias's Totodile♂ Edit

Tobias's Totodile was given to him by Professor Elm.

Marina's Quilava♀ Edit

Marina's Quilava was given to her as a Cyndaquil from Professor Elm. She has then since evolved.

Cynthia♀ Edit

Cynthia was a Cyndaquil given to Gabe by Professor Elm as a gift for helping cure Celia's Cyndaquil.

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