Rani is the baby daughter of Ray and Gabe. She is the great granddaughter of Grandma. She is the great grandniece of Ruthie. She is the granddaughter of Kathy, Gabe's unnamed father, and Lydia. She is the niece of Greg and Lila. She is the youngest sister of Gabriella, Raymond, and Gabriel. She is the youngest of four children. When she is 3, she is chosen to become a Digidestined and is partnered to Mikemon. She has a Pink/Purple D-11 Digivice.

Appearance Edit

Rani mostly resembles her mother as an infant. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a pink jumper and a rose shaped hair clip in her hair along with a headband.

Personality Edit

Rani is sweet and cheerful.

Family Edit

Grandma Edit

Grandma is Rani's great grandmother.

Ruthie Edit

Ruthie is Rani's great grandaunt.

Kathy Edit

Kathy is Rani's grandmother.

Gabe's unnamed father Edit

Gabe's unnamed father is Rani's grandfather.

Lydia Edit

Lydia is Rani's grandmother.

Greg Edit

Greg is Rani's uncle.

Lila Edit

Lila is Rani's aunt.

Ray Edit

Ray is Rani's father.

Gabe Edit

Gabe is Rani's mother.

Gabriella Edit

Gabriella is Rani's oldest sister.

Raymond Edit

Raymond is Rani's older brother.

Gabriel Edit

Gabriel is Rani's older brother.

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