Raymond [also known as Ray Jr.] is the son of Ray and Gabe. He is the great grandson of Grandma [Gabe's grandmother]. He is the great grandnephew of Ruthie. He is the grandson of Kathy, Gabe's unnamed father, and Lydia. He is the nephew of Greg and Lila. He is the younger brother of Gabriella and the older brother of Gabriel and Rani. He is 10-years-old. He owns an Eevee. He is a Digidestined partnered to Psychemon. He owns a Blue/Yellow D-11 Digivice.

Appearance Edit

Raymond resembles his father and mother. He has blonde hair like his father and brown eyes like his mother. He wears a Eeveelutions t-shirt and brown shorts.

Personality Edit

Raymond is caring and polite. He loves Eevee and its evolutions.

Family Edit

Grandma Edit

Grandma is Raymond's great grandmother and the mother of Kathy, Gabe's mother.

Ruthie Edit

Ruthie is Raymond's great-grandaunt and the youngest sister of Grandma.

Kathy Edit

Kathy is Raymond's grandmother.

Gabe's unnamed father Edit

Gabe's unnamed father is Raymond's grandfather.

Lydia Edit

Lydia is Raymond's grandmother.

Greg Edit

Greg is Raymond's uncle and Gabe's older brother.

Lila Edit

Lila is Raymond's aunt and Ray's older sister.

Ray Edit

Ray is Raymond's father.

Gabe Edit

Gabe is Raymond's mother.

Gabriella Edit

Gabriella is Raymond's older sister.

Gabriel Edit

Gabriel is Raymond's younger brother.

Rani Edit

Rani is Raymond's baby sister.

Pokemon Edit

Eevee Edit

Eevee is Raymond's first Pokemon and partner.

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