Sarah's Azurill is Sarah's third Pokemon.

History Edit

Azurill was given to Sarah along with Skitty and Whismur from her father, Norman when she turned 10. Azurill was confirmed to be female along with Treecko when Sarah mentioned that they were both female. Gabe & Sarah traveled for a while and when they stopped at the Petalburg Gym where Sarah revealed that her father, Norman was the gym leader and Team Rocket was there and attempted to steal Sarah's Azurill, Skitty, Whismur, & Treecko as a gift to give to the boss and put all four of them in a cage trying to escape with them, but Sarah and Gabe stopped the evil villains escape by using Gabe's Pikachu, Pik to grab the cage and send Team Rocket blasting off using his thunderbolt. After that Sarah and Gabe parted ways. Sarah was never seen or mentioned again after that.