Tobio is Will's starter Pokemon. He was given to Will when he turned 10. He appeared with his trainer in Time Travel, Smime Travel.

History Edit

When Will turned 10, Tobio was given to him as his first Pokemon. Ever since then and Will have been traveling together for a long time. Tobio made his appearance when meeting up with Gabe whom Will discovered also had a Pikachu. They traveled together throughout the episode. Team Rocket had also traveled back and were watching all four Pikachu play plotting to steal them to give to the boss as a gift. A metal claw came down and grabbed the four Pikachu and placed them in a electric proof cage. Gabe demanded to know what was going on. Team Rocket revealed themselves telling Will and his new friends what they were planning to do with the Pikachu. Will and his new friends knew they had to rescue the Pikachu. Will started his own play by jumping off a catapult and grabbing the cage from James asking Tobio and the other Pikachu if they were alright. Jessie demanded him to give back the Pikachu, but Will told the evil villains that the Pikachu didn't belong to them. Angry, Jessie sent out her Pumpkaboo who attempted to hurt Tobio with her shadow ball, but Will took the blow for his Pokemon. Angry to see his trainer hurt, Tobio teamed up with the Pikachu to send Team Rocket blasting off. The four Pikachu sent Team Rocket blasting off back to the future. Tobio then hugged his trainer happy that Will had saved his life two times. As the friends were bidding goodbye, Will threw out some Poke Balls and introduced his other Pokemon to Gabe and her friends. He then kissed Erika on the cheek showing that he had a crush on her. He then bid his new friends goodbye as they traveled back to the future.

Personality Edit

Tobio is a very friendly and kind Pikachu who is willing to help others. He has a crush on Erika's Pikachu just like Will has a crush on Erika