Toge is a Pokemon that is owned by Gabe in the Alola saga. She made her debut in the third episode: The Lost Togedemaru as an baby Togedemaru that was being harassed by Team Skull, but is rescued by Gabe. She was confirmed female in the second trailer.

History Edit

Toge was bullied by Team Skull grunts during her first appearance. Gabe and her friends sent out Litta, Rowlet, and Rainy to protect Toge and Team Skull threatened to take Litta, Rowlet, and Rainy away along with Togedemaru. Erika told them that they're not taking anybody's Pokemon. The Pokemon fought and scared off Team Skull. A young boy with his own Togedemaru who was revealed to be female along with Toge helped heal Toge and Toge chose Gabe as her trainer.

Personality Edit

Toge distrusted humans at first due to being abused by Team Skull and would cower in fear. But when she met Sophocles, Gabe and her friends, she warmed up to them. She decided to go with Gabe knowing she could trust her.