Wendi is a 10-year-old Pokemon Trainer. She appeared in What's Up Chikorita where she was revealed to have received a Chikorita from Professor Elm. Gabe brought out her Chikorita, Chika out to meet Wendi's Chikorita. Team Rocket attempted to steal both Pokemon, but they were protected by their trainers. Wendi was revealed to be the last Digidestined child, her D-7 is Yellow/Pink and her partner Digimon is BlackGatomon. Her mother's name is Maria and she has a younger sister named Jenny who was also revealed to be a Digidestined. She also has an older sister named Bianca. She along with Bianca and Jenny are the granddaughters of Lorenzo who lives in Alto Mare.

Pokemon Edit

Chikorita♀ Edit

Chikorita is Wendi's starter Pokemon.

Sentret♀ Edit

Sentret is the first Pokemon caught by Wendi.

Hoppip♀ Edit

Hoppip is the second Pokemon caught by Wendi.

Ledyba♀ Edit

Ledyba is the third Pokemon caught by Wendi.

Hoot-Hoot♀ Edit

Hoot-Hoot is the fourth Pokemon caught by Wendi.

Spinarak♀ Edit

Spinarak is the fifth Pokemon caught by Wendi.

BlackGatomon♀ Edit

BlackGatomon is Wendi's partner Digimon.

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